What is Payment Service Management?

Payment Service Management powered by Prognosis delivers extensive business and operational level BASE24® and BASE24-eps® transaction management for banks, credit card providers, processors, ATM ISOs and retailers. It also monitors fraud prevention, and the performance and availability of underlying business-critical HP NonStop® or UNIX infrastructure, plus any integrated ATMs or POS devices.


Payment Service Management works best when used as a full suite of Prognosis solutions monitoring your payments applications and infrastructure for full system-to-application correlation.

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ACI’s exclusive agile payment management solution

Whether you are monitoring your payments environment from a business, technical, or customer support perspective you need a solution that goes beyond simple monitoring of the technology or infrastructure to deliver a complete view of the payments environment. A joint ACI and IR initiative, Payment Service Management powered by Prognosis, delivers precise performance monitoring solutions for the ACI BASE24 and BASE24-eps network including payment devices (ATM/POS), applications, and transactions for:

  • Retail including banks, credit card providers, payment processors, ISOs and retailers
  • Wholesale payment providers running ACI Money Transfer System
  • Fraud/Risk managers operating ACI Proactive Risk Manager


Credit Agricole Cards and Payments has selected ACI Payment Service Management™ powered by Prognosis® to work alongside BASE24-eps

ACI Worldwide, Inc. (NASDAQ: ACIW) is working with Credit Agricole Cards and Payments to completely renew the company’s payments infrastructure and deliver world-class scalability, reliability and agility to one of the biggest banks in Europe, that manages one of the world’s largest ATM networks. Credit Agricole Cards and Payments has built its payment infrastructure using BASE24-eps®, ACI’s flagship payment engine

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